Kumagro is an Argentine company that develops, produces, categorizes and exports NON-GMO grains as raw material necessary to manufacture high quality food and feed. Kumagro is a company supported on DONMARIO seeds R&D soybean genetics and Grobocopatel Hnos. production.

DONMARIO is leader in genetics, fully dedicated to improve crop productivity, specially focused on research and development of better and higher-yield seed soybean varieties. To learn more please visit  www.donmario.com

Grobocopatel Hnos  is a 50 years old and third generation Argentine company, leader in grain production, logistics and commercialization. To learn more about please visit  www.grobocopatel.com.ar


To capture the genetic value in extensive special crops from the moment they are originated until they are sold, through the production, processing and marketing of grains and by-products, in a sustainable framework.

To be recognized as a benchmark in the raw materials and special ingredients market for food and feed industry.

The principles that guide Kumagro are:
• Integrity
, the consistency to act according to what was agreed on

• Responsibility, in the use of freedom, promoting dialogue and an open mind for teamwork.
• Quality, as a characteristic of commitment and continuous improvement within a framework of responsible environmental management
• Respect and humility, as the basis for learning.
• Gratitude and a sense of humor, dealing with adversity creatively and contributing to a comfortable working environment.